My name is Levi and I grew up in South Dakota from when I was a child. Seeing the state changing over the years has been both good and bad. In some ways the state is getting better since more people are moving here and the economy is better than some states due to not having an income tax. In regards to personal freedom South Dakota and every other state have been going downhill fast. I have thought for many years about how the problems of the growing police state and people being sent to jail for punishment/profit rather than they need to be kept there for the public’s safety. It is becoming harder and harder to start any type of business because of the regulations and costs added by legislation.

I even thought about running for some form of government but I have never seen a politician make a positive difference from inside the system. The only way left to put the system back on track is through a sweeping constitutional amendment. So I started writing…

During the last few months I have initiated two constitutional amendments to the South Dakota legislative research committee. They are focused on increasing individual freedoms and getting people out of jail for crimes against no one but the state. I’m curious to see how this process goes and hope that it can gain traction in the coming months. I feel like it is the only real way we the people have left of making change.

You can also see (currently only one of) the 2020 amendments on the Secretary of State’s Homepage here.

I’d really like to know what you think about the amendments leave a comment below and let me know. If you want it to be private you could also use the contact page

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