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Freedom to Earn a Living

You should be free to earn a living as you see fit. The freedom to buy and sell your products and services. To choose your own path in life.

Start a Business

You should have the freedom to start any business you want with no restriction on the degrees you possess or the permits you can pay for. The free market will still pick the winners and losers.

Choose your Own Path

As long as no harm comes to others  You should have the freedom choose what to do in your life. 


Many states have their own method to start a constitutional amendment. Submit one in your state using our two amendments.


By collecting signatures you can literally make your state the freest in the world. This isn’t about any one issue it’s about FREEDOM.


You can share this content online or in person to anyone who will listen. What we need is to find the people who care the most about freedom so they can join us.

What are “Victimless Crimes?”

May 21, 2018

Coming up with a list of all of the things that the victimless crime bill would allow is complicated because there are so many of them. Many of the things it would allow are not obvious because they are allowed now but with a permit or regulation. Also many are included because you are allowed…

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Too Much Regulation

June 1, 2018

Both of these amendments are focused on the problem of over regulation. For example here is President Trump standing by the pile of federal regulation from 1960 and the one from 2017. It is crazy how much it has grown but it isn’t really any surprise. When our politicians need to pass laws to look…

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Ladder out of Poverty

June 7, 2018

The free market has always been the best ladder out of poverty. There was a time in America that if you were determined you could start a business with the money in your pocket and provide services and goods other people were willing to pay for. This would eventually get you out of poverty and…

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March 24, 2018

Sometimes, and even more so in the winter, it feels like there is no hope. No hope of any real change. Everyday more laws and regulations are restricting our freedoms. Politicians have incentive to make more laws. Every year our freedoms are slightly more restricted. It has gotten to the point you can’t accept money from…

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This is most likely the greatest change for good in
the last
100 years. If this passes the State's
GDP will skyrocket.

I can't wait to be able to start my own business.
It will be 95% cheaper to try if this passes.

End police involment with non-criminals. This will
reduce police interactions with the public by at least 60%

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