Both of these amendments are focused on the problem of over regulation. For example here is President Trump standing by the pile of federal regulation from 1960 and the one from 2017. It is crazy how much it has grown but it isn’t really any surprise. When our politicians need to pass laws to look like they are doing something and when you also have so many departments inside the government doing the same this is what we will always end up with.

The conventional way of fighting bad regulation is to fight through writing letters or petitioning to have the regulation you don’t like overturned. The problem is that even if you are able to it will take years to get it done. By the time you finally kill the regulation that was stepping on your toes 100 new regulations and laws have come to take it’s place. It is clearly a losing battle. With both of these constitutional amendments you have an additional filter that new and existing laws and regulations have to pass through. Either will bring us much closer to the america the founding fathers intended for us. Even if you don’t agree on 100% of the freedoms that would be allowed please remember that you wouldn’t need to partake in them all. We need help to move this forward please find out how you can help and lets make a real change for the better.

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