It is time to organize a group of people who can contribute time to the cause. Getting the amendment started in South Dakota is a huge step but it's only the beginning. In 2018 I need to change I to we.


Get tons of Signatures

In order to have a constitutional amendment appear on the ballot requires tons of signatures. The primary need of 2019 will be getting as many signatures as possible. You can help by collecting signatures or paying someone else to.


Get the Vote

The main thing to do is tell everyone about it and how it can benefit them to vote for it. It isn't a politician promising to change the system. IT IS CHANGE IN THE SYSTEM.

Here are a few of the things we need help with.

Signature Collection

After the election in 2018 you can start circulating the petitions and collecting signatures from registered voters. Anyone who is registered to vote in South Dakota can do this. A total of over 32,000 signatures are required.

Find Others Who Want Change

We need to find as many people as possible who will help in one way or another. A great way to do this is by getting the word out.

Law Knowlege

There are several points in the process where a lawyer will be needed in Pierre. Someone with a knowledge of how to argue a point in court would be ideal.

Graphic Design

If you know about designing flyers, branding, advertising, or marketing we may be able to use your help.


If you can write stories and tell about ways this bill can change lives. I'd love to hear from you. We need more people who can write well and persuasively.

Alternative Media

If you have any contacts in the "alternative media" I'd love to hear from them. One big way to get more exposure is through people and organizations with followings.

Let Us Know How You Can Help.

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