The further I get into this process the more I wonder if this can really work. Can it really be an instrument of change?

There are so many hurdles in the way. The version of these amendments that appears on the ballots will be chosen by people who have a vested interest in them not passing. So it makes it very hard to get a favorable description. I’m also not sure if the descriptions could be changed at the last minute. Also does anyone else really care? I need to find the people who do and even that seems daunting.

If these were to pass people of this state would benefit from the least amount of government interference of any people since the civil war. We would be free to pursue our lives without convincing an “official” that we meet the requirements or paying them for the privilege. Our lives could be lived freely and we could go back to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as we see fit.

The problem is are we too complacent for it to work?

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