Sometimes, and even more so in the winter, it feels like there is no hope. No hope of any real change. Everyday more laws and regulations are restricting our freedoms. Politicians have incentive to make more laws. Every year our freedoms are slightly more restricted. It has gotten to the point you can’t accept money from anyone without someone asking permission and generally paying for it.

Could there be a solution? If you decide a cause is worth fighting for then you petition, write letters, or use political influence to remove a regulation ten more will be added in other areas before you are done. It’s like shoveling back a landslide with a spoon.

It could be the only way left to make a real change on a state level is through a constitutional amendment. They are the only thing that can change many laws at once. I worked on the idea of how to make a change for a long time and these two amendments are what I’ve come up with. These amendments would allow local business to have the advantage again. They would allow anyone who knows a trade to be able to do it. They would allow anyone to sell indian tacos. Wait, you don’t like indian tacos? These bills are not perfect and some things that you may not like would be allowed. So if you don’t like indian tacos don’t eat them. The long term benefits to entrepreneurial people as well as people who like lower costs would be staggering.

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